Final Share problem - simple multiclip (even 2 cameras) makes Final Share drives fail.

Everytime you make a cut between angles, the playback of the multiclip stops.  If you use the mouse to click in the Viewer,
or click the button tools in the sequence, it fails - playback will stop.  If you  map the "Cut to Angle/Switch to Angle"
shortcuts to the keyboard, and use the keyboard for this, instead of the mouse, you will not have this problem.
Go to Tools>Keyboard Layout> Multi-camera Editing. This will allow you to use the numeric keyboard to switch between cameras.
Also click on Sequence RT pulldown menu, and select Unlimited RT, Playback Video Quality Dynamic, and Playback
Frame Rate Quarter.  Now, your multiclip will work.
The problem you are seeing in the viewer has nothing to do with your drive array or network.